The Moth, AALL Leadership Edition: Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Recorded On: 12/15/2021

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Great leaders understand the power of storytelling, and the power of stories to connect us as humans and foster mutual understanding. This program will give a brief introduction to storytelling technique basics, and then have panelists share true stories as they remember them. Similar to The Moth podcast, anyone wishing to tell their story will need to pitch their idea, and the pitched stories need to relate to the theme of Leadership. Attendees will not only be entertained, but will learn from watching masterful storytelling in action, share in the collective wisdom around leadership, and hone the essential leadership skill of telling compelling, meaningful stories. 

If you would like the chance to share your story, then pitch it to us! In 100 to 200 words, tell us about your Leadership story. (Please don't give us a cliff-hanger; you should summarize the whole story.) Great pitches will let us know what happened, what changed for you, and what was at stake. We're looking for a wide range of voices to share their experiences. You may think that your story is not dramatic enough, but we beg to differ. If it mattered to you, it will matter to us, too. Absolutely no storytelling or performance experience necessary. Bonus: Holly Riccio and Carol Watson will be available to support you as you practice your story. Pitches should be submitted here by November 1st, and selected storytellers will be notified by November 8th. 


This program is beneficial to all law librarians, regardless of library type, job function, or experience level. 


  1. Participants will be able to identify the components of compelling and meaningful storytelling.
  2. Participants will observe storytelling in action, and be able to apply observed storytelling techniques to enhance the impact of their communications in a variety of workplace situations (e.g., presentations, team meetings, challenging conversations). 


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Holly M. Riccio, California Judicial Center Library 

Carol A. Watson, University of Georgia Law Library (Emerita) 

AALL BODY OF KNOWLEDGE DOMAINS: Professionalism + Leadership At Every Level



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Coordinator and Moderator Bios

Holly M. Riccio
Law librarianship is in Holly Riccio’s professional DNA—literally, as the daughter of librarian parents. She has been the Director of the California Judicial Center Library since 2020, following 25+ years spent working in various law firm library and knowledge management positions. Her passion for the legal information profession is unmistakable and is manifest in her many professional volunteer roles, including serving as President of the American Association of Law Libraries from 2014-2015. She received her Master of Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan. She regularly shares her thought leadership with the profession through writing and speaking engagements in the areas of knowledge management, professional development and leadership skills, and cultivating and leveraging professional connections.

Carol A. Watson
Carol Watson is the Director of the Law Library Emerita at the University of Georgia Law Library. She retired on January 1, 2021. She was responsible for the vision, leadership and management of all aspects of the law library including strategic planning, budgeting, collection development, technology, and personnel. She is the past chair of the AALL Continuing Professional Education Committee and the past chair of the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee. In 2020, she was inducted in the AALL Hall of Fame, and she received the AALL Volunteer Service Award in 2016. Watson is the past president of SEAALL and the 2014 recipient of the Service to SEAALL Award. Watson is the past-chair of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Section on Law Libraries and Legal Information. 


The Moth, AALL Leadership Edition: Unleash the Power of Storytelling
12/15/2021 at 11:00 AM (CST)   |  60 minutes
12/15/2021 at 11:00 AM (CST)   |  60 minutes
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