Law Librarians Are Tech Experts—Whether We Know It or Not

Recorded On: 11/18/2021

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Law librarians are constantly adopting new technology skills and enhancing existing ones—but how often do they take stock of these skills? This program will focus on recognizing the knowledge of technology that law librarians already have, and how to use that skill set to boost teaching and reference services. Moreover, by identifying and building upon these skills, librarians can improve current programs and services—from reference interviews to formal classroom instruction—and impress even the most tech-savvy administrator.


Librarians who are hesitant to engage with new technologies; librarians who provide reference services to patrons who may need help with simple technology-related tasks; research instructors seeking to better integrate technology in their courses; law office technology instructors who want to introduce a set of tangible skills to their classroom


  1. Identify technology skills you may already possess, including experience with algorithms and artificial intelligence, and thorough understanding of metadata, as well as strengths and weaknesses in available technologies and complex software systems like integrated library systems.
  2. Learn practical skills to enhance your existing knowledge in order to improve teaching and create opportunities for growth within established reference services. These skills include redacting documents, extracting metadata, and organizing and presenting large amounts of information in easy-to-understand pieces. 
  3. Identify ways to integrate both existing and new skills into instruction, both in the classroom and in other contexts (such as reference services).


  • Rebecca Kite, University of Tennessee


  • Eliza E. Boles, University of Tennessee

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Law Librarians Are Tech Experts—Whether We Know It or Not
11/18/2021 at 11:00 AM (CST)   |  60 minutes
11/18/2021 at 11:00 AM (CST)   |  60 minutes
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